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Memorial Day 2010 Sale

Memorial Day weekend means many things. It's a time of solemn remembrance for those who fell defending our country, and those who waited at home. It heralds the beginning of summer, which has got to be everyone's favorite season. It's just a few days or weeks before the end of the school term. And for those who don't travel on this holiday weekend, it means an extraordinary opportunity to pick up some ear candy for 30% off.

Use coupon code INVITATIONONLY to get your special 30% savings. Prices shown below are our regular prices; your savings will be calculated at checkout. Be sure to use coupon code INVITATIONONLY, no spaces or dashes, all one word. Offer expires June 2, 2010.

Quantities are extremely limited, so shop now!

Jody Coyote green white hoop earrings FH001S SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote green silver pearl drop earrings GD634 SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote Celebrate silver drop earrings HB260G SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote silver helix gold bead earrings HB065 SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote tiny silver heart earrings QE366 SOLD OUT!
Regular price: $19.82
Sale price: $9.99
Jody Coyote purple square hoop earrings FH003S
Jody Coyote silver purple large dragonfly pin DF004S (Discontinued)
Jody Coyote purple gold orchid earrings QM123 SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote silver translucent Man in the Moon earrings JCE163 SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote Dream silver flower earrings AM304 SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote blue oval drop earrings SMB538 SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote blue butterfly hoop earrings CH021S SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote Joy blue silver earrings QM396 0511 SOLD OUT!
Regular price: $21.42
Sale price: $9.99
Jody Coyote black blue silver spiral earrings SMP469 (Discontinued)
Jody Coyote blue silver drop flower earrings JCE151 SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote pink bronze earrings JCE004 SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote hot pink silver spiral earrings SMP489 SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote red black bead earrings GD052S SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote Love crimson earrings QM397 SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote ivory crimson drop leaf earrings QM346 SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote gold blue drop hoop earrings QM324 (Discontinued)
Jody Coyote gold blue bead tree earrings JCE032 SOLD OUT!
Jody Coyote silver gold beaded hoop earrings JCE160 AM155

All earrings are presentation-ready in our black glossy jewelry box. Gift wrap is available for any occasion and includes our signature black and gold gift box (right). We'll hand-write a personalized message for you and tuck it into a gift envelope. JCEarrings gift box

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Jody Coyote was established in 1974 and first appeared at the well-known Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon.

All Jody Coyote designs are concocted using sterling silver and 14 kt gold-filled wire combined with a variety of stones, beads and colorful patina finishes on embossed metals. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, nearly all in the United States, and with proper care will last a lifetime. Designs range from hippie chic to whimsical and Bohemian to sophisticated.

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